Sunday, March 13, 2011


Miss Babs dyes beautiful yarns. The colors are rich and intense and just gorgeous. And her Yowsa skeins are 560 yards of yummy, soft merino goodness, that come in monochromes or beautiful handpainted colors. Love her yarn. So when I needed some yummy yarn to knit a present for the second June baby in the office, I went up to the Black Sheep. And when Tracy suggested the Yowsa skeins, I knew I had to have some.


So now I do.

I may have overbought a little.

From left to right, Vlads resting on top of A Day at Monteluce Winery. In the middle, Black Watch, almost hiding Violets in the Grass. And at the far right, Tulipa...a name which may sound familiar to one of my readers. The colors are a little washed out here...think darker and richer. But I think the Black Watch will make a very handsome sweater for a certain baby boy. I may try a baby surprise jacket in it.

I finished the first sleeve of my kimono and will probably start one of the fronts this afternoon. If I can keep my eyes open. Stupid daylight savings time is messing with me. I hate daylight savings time and was thinking of starting a letter-writing campaign to Congress to get them to repeal it all together. It doesn't save energy and it's not good for our health!

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