Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sure, NOW I Remember My Camera...

Mr. Pointy Sticks had to go to the mall this morning to get a couple new shirts for work. And, while I loathe the mall, I went along because (a) I like spending time with him and (b) I thought I might find a pretty top or two for spring. And I have to say, this trip wasn't too horrid...perhaps because we got there early. While Mr. Pointy Sticks wandered around choosing his boring blue shirts, I amused myself by taking pictures. I loved the tie displays...all those colors!

I actually love the colors in the tie that you see the most of here. I thought it was really pretty. and look at all the yellow!

And look at these pretty blues and greens...

It's almost enough to make one contemplate wearing a tie.

I tried to help by pointing out all the pretty shirts to Mr. Pointy Sticks..."How about this green one?"

...but he stuck with blue Oxford cloth and a simple stripe.

I kind of want the job of wandering around and matching up ties to shirts on display. I thought some of the matches were pretty horrid, although some were striking.

Went into Christopher & Banks (which I always want to call Christopher Banks) and got a couple cute spring tops...only $17 each, so that was gratifying. Then we went to Nordstrom Rack and I spent too much on a hair clip for Rachel and some earrings for me. (I do love earrings.)

But hey, I was going to show you yarn. Here's what I got at Webs last weekend.

The book below has the Abigail sweater I liked on the cover. It's knit from a rustic looking sort of yarn, but I choose the now discontinued Pure Merino in the Glacier color.

It's a yummy smooth yarn and I don't know why they discontinued it, but it's all savings to me, as Webs has it for cheap, cheap, cheap. I was torn as to color. Before I got to Webs I was looking at it on line. I really liked the Ballerina and the Wisteria. But in person, the Ballerina was a little more bubble gum and the Wisteria was purpley. You can see that the color of the Glacier is really washed out on the website. Although it's a little paler than what shows up in the picture above, I think. Anyway, it's a pretty color.

And here's the newest sock yarn.

I love the little blue specks in the Maxime, which came from the Grampa's Garage section on Webs and was extremely cheap. And the one in front is from the Flower Color line and it really does have all the colors of a flower garden in it. I think all the colors are pretty in this line, though.

So there you have it...some pictures at last.

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ml said...

That "Glacier" yarn looks to be Gustavian Gray, one of the most lovely colors in the known universe. Would look nice on you.