Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I'm So Bad...

So, the other day I was drooling all over The Loopy Ewe's website. I don't buy as much there anymore because (a) I am trying to be a little more frugal, and (b) many people (i.e., those with their sanity intact) think I have enough yarn already.

But then I saw this:

I love the color...and the name? Baltimore Oriole. How could I resist it? The answer to that one is easy...I couldn't.

And, mostly because I hate to think of that poor little skein traveling all by itself, somehow these two little guys worked their way in.

The one on the left is called Janice's Sunshine in Winter and the one on the right is called Linda's Antique Treasures. (I'm not sure who they are named for, actually, but I love the combination of the blue, white and yellow and I think the one in shades of blue will make pretty socks...sort of like an Oxford cloth shirt.)

And then today...sigh...we went over to Catonsville to turn our tax papers in and Mr. Pointy Sticks asked if I didn't want to visit the yarn shop there, Cloverhill. Well, it's hard to turn down something like that. You never know what you're going to find in a different yarn shop. And sure enough, I found out that they carry Mini Mochi. Oh, so soft!

These skeins remind me of a rose garden. I'm not sure I'll make socks with them. The yarn is so soft, it seems that socks might just melt right off your feet. It would make a purty little scarflette, though.

And then, even though the Black Sheep carries Noro and I try not to buy stuff in other shops that I can get there (gotta support your local yarn shop!) I fell in love with these colors...
The areas that look green are really more turquoise. So pretty! Could be a scarf, might be a hat and mitts. Could be a little shawl. Decisions, decisions.

In the reading arena, I am reading lots of Scandinavian mysteries...Johan Theorin, Ake Edwardsson, Hakan Nesser...all pretty good. But yesterday I read Kate Atkinson's latest, Started Early, Took My Dog. So good! I love her books. Now, though, I have the long wait until her next one. Le sigh.

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