Friday, March 25, 2011

Sometimes I Think I Just Need To Be Shot...Perhaps With A Camera

So, I should just be drummed out of the Blogging Corps, I guess. We went up to Massachusetts this past weekend.

I went to Webs and bought yarn.

We had some lovely dinners out, including a fun one with Rachel and her friends.

We met the new boyfriend.

We bought Rachel a car.

It snowed all day Monday.

And I kept my camera in my pocketbook the whole time! What an idiot!! It just went completely out of my mind.

So let me just say…the snow was pretty, the car is very nice, the boyfriend is, as far as we can tell after a short visit, a keeper, and the dinners were fine and Rachel's friends are all delightful young women and I loved spending time with them.

The yarn I will be able to show you after I get some pictures taken. You know, with a camera

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