Thursday, January 27, 2011

Happy Birthday, Rachel!

I can't believe it's been 23 years...hope today is a happy one and your coming year is the best yet!

In weather news, y'all may be aware that Baltimore had some snow. Work was closed. And, in a surprising twist, for most of today we had no water. There was apparently a water main break north of us and the local water towers lost pressure. But it's back now! The snow is still with us, but Mr. Pointy Sticks got everything shoveled out this morning so I guess it's off to work tomorrow.


Oh, Brother said...

Another H. B. wish.

Hope you're surviving in the North Woods.

Oh, Brother said...

Ok, enough with the hair-deprived kiddo. We need some new news, or some new gnus, or some gnu news (not to mention the Greek letter after "mu.")

Lah de dah - - -

Rooie said...

Hey, that my baldy-headed baby! I hate to see her go.