Sunday, January 16, 2011

A New Hat For Mr Pointy Sticks

Well, his head looked cold.

And now it's warm.

The yarn was nice. Universal Yarns Classic Shades in Cedar Forest. It doesn't like to be un-knit very much, but knits up nicely. And I like the colors. I have a skein of the blue, purple, burgundy colorway, too.

Nice weekend so far. Well, we didn't do much today but yesterday we had a nice lunch at California Pizza Kitchen (yummy Thai salad) and stopped at the Black Sheep (I needed a needle and ended up coming home with some Kureyon, too) and went down to Daedalus and Atwater's and the food market there at Belvedere Square. Brought home some Atwater's soup that we had for dinner tonight. Yum.

Tomorrow, if nothing else, I need to clean our bathroom...but we ought to do a little something fun, too.

In other news, Mr. Flash (the Camry that Rachel is driving) doesn't seem to like Massachusetts much. He's dropping bits of plastic...his dashboard clock has fallen out...and now his check engine light is on. Perhaps we should be car-shopping for Rachel tomorrow.

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MaureenL said...

I just gotta post on how GREAT it is to have you -- my knitting buddy and friend -- living right across the street from me. Whether it's a 3 AM call for help with my aging mother or a "do you have a set of #6 double-point needles?" request, you always cheerfully help me. ^__^

P.S. You've got a fabulous personal library too!