Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Best Nap Ever!

I spent some time yesterday getting my second (first one was four years ago) colonoscopy. And I’m here to urge any of my readers who are over the magic age of 50 and who haven’t yet scheduled your procedure to do so. Not only do you get the best nap of your life, snuggling under a heated blanket, (really…you’re lying there on the table chatting with the doctor and nurses and you think “I’ll just close my eyes” and the next thing you know, you’re waking up, bright and chipper, and being offered juice), you get peace of mind. Or, worst case, you get the earliest possible jump on something that might be a problem.

And if you’re lucky, you get a doctor as charming and funny as my doctor, who makes me laugh every time I visit with him. Actually, everyone at Greenspring Endoscopy Center is wonderful. They are warm and kind and treat every patient like royalty. It's one of the nicest medical-related experiences you'll ever have.

I came out with a clean bill of health and don’t have to go back for five years. Though I’m sure I’ll be catching some naps before then, even without the aid of drugs.


J. Kwiatkowski said...

You make it sound so appealing! I'm not due yet, but I will have to get mammograms soon, maybe this year. I was hoping they'd invent something less squishy by the time I got old enough to need one, but I guess they haven't.

Rooie said...

Well, now, mammograms...or, as I like to call them "visits to the tortilla press"...aren't loads of fun, I admit. On the other hand, they're pretty quick.