Saturday, February 5, 2011

Oh, Yeah...The Blog....

Ooops...haven't had the urge to write here for a while. Perhaps because I like seeing my little Rachel there and I'll be sorry to shove her down the page.

But we've done some nice things, since last I wrote. Last weekend, for our anniversary, we went to the Milton Inn for a lovely, tasty, and romantic dinner. Yum. We were there a couple of years ago and last November I called to make a reservation for this year and asked if we could be near the fireplace. I wish I could have taken a picture of the room...I didn't have my camera and probably would have felt funny taking a picture anyway (though we had the room we were in to ourselves for the first half hour or so). But dinner was wonderful. We had a very friendly and professional waitress...the wait staff there is great. I had two Bloody Marys with dinner...they were incredibly tasty. They might actually beat out my dad's Bloodys. Arthur had Clams Casino for befores and I had a Wilted Winter Greens Salad. It was divine. Greens, goat cheese and tiny little match-stick slices of pear under a warm dijon dressing that made the cheese melty and creamy and....oh my gosh, I want some now. I had the filet mignon for dinner...mighty fine. Arthur had The Cardiologist's Friend, a filet mignon topped by a crabcake and coated with Bearnaise sauce. Dessert was fine, too. As the waitress put my plate done she said something like, "I hear this is a special occasion." I said yes, it was our 28th anniversary and blah, blah, blah. Then I looked down at my dessert plate and, written around the edge in chocolate, was "Happy Anniversary." Cute.

This weekend has been nice so far, if not quite so elegant. We ran down to Towson this noon and had lunch at the Vietnamese restaurant there and then did our grocery shopping. Had a stop there at Barnes and Noble in between and I was thrilled to find a new Flavia de Luce book, a new Martha Grimes book, and I got myself a new Jo Nesbo book. At the moment, I'm reading his Nemesis and really like it. So when I saw this one I grabbed it. (I tried to load scanned pictures of the covers but for some reason they aren't to Blogger's taste. So there are links, instead.) I wasn't even aware that the first two books were out! Cool.

Then, a little later today, I went to my favorite place.

Guess where?

There is a small rash of babies coming to our office...well, two, both arriving in June. I am knitting a little red sweater for the little boy -- pictures to come when I'm a little farther along.

But for Nitin and his wife, who I know better and who are having a little girl, I wanted to make this adorable little jacket. (See, in the picture there?)

And when I heard that Black Sheep had gotten an order of Miss Babs yarn, I went dashing up. There wasn't a huge selection left (not really surprising...that stuff sells like the proverbial hotcakes) and I discovered that the skeins are a little smaller than what the pattern needs. But Miss Bab's mini-skeins came to the rescue. I am thinking that the jacket will be the variegated blue and the front band will be the semi-solid. The only problem is that I was hoping for something a little more vibrant...maybe closer to the color in the I may still do some stash-digging to see what other possibilities there will be.

And while I was there, I saw that the Black Sheep had some skeins of Crazy Zauberball and I remembered that I had a pattern that used it....

And it turns out that the skein I chose is the exact colorway used in the picture. I don't know if you can see it in the picture, but this little scarflette has a cute and tidy little ruffle around the edge that I like a lot.

Finally, I do have a finished object. I took way too long to get this done for some reason...

It's a cap for my cousin's wife and I got it mailed off to her Thursday. Hope it fits her. I should work on some more for her.

Tomorrow, perhaps I'll update my books...


mlw said...

Oh, yeah, that other thing....twenty-eight years? Wow. Happy Anniversary to you and Mr. Pointy Sticks!

Oh, Brother said...

It's just a further cheezy attempt to make us all feel old.