Sunday, February 13, 2011


Okay, here's a picture of the latest hat with its tassel.

Cute, I think. But easy for Kelly to remove if she so wants. Mr. Pointy Stick looked at it after I finished (I did the tassel while we were watching this Saturday's Waking the Dead...great series.), and said, "That looks great. I mean, it looks really something you'd buy in a store!"

And I forgot to mention some books from the last part of last year that I haven't mentioned.

I read Connie Willis' Black Out and All Clear, one right after the other. I had gotten the first one and, before I started it, I heard that it was really the first of two volumes...originally planned as one massive book, I guess...and I knew the second one wasn't coming out for some months. So I saved the first one until I got the second one so that I could read them together. And I liked them. Connie Willis writes time travel stories and in these a group of historians from the future come back to WWII England. Because of the rules governing time travel (you can't be in the same time as can't travel back to a site that would be dangerous) complications ensue...people are lost and unable to return to their real time...they miss important rendezvous because the train system is so overwhelmed...and that was one problem with these two books. There are so many people, sometimes using different names for different missions, that it all got very confusing. I felt as though I needed to draw up some sort of chart to keep track of everyone. Still, there are some interesting characters and I think it gives one a real idea of what living in England during the war might have been like. Overall, I enjoyed it, even if I didn't follow all the complications.

In my exploration of Scandinavian mysteries, I read Johan Theorin's The Darkest Room, set in Norway. Pretty good and somewhat creepy. An author I'll look for more from.

Finally, I read Stephen King's latest, Full Dark No Stars, a collection of four long stories. I'm a big Stephen King fan and I liked these well enough...and really liked "A Good Marriage." But none of them really got to me the way some of his stories do.

Spent some time last night making a Valentine card for Mr. Pointy Sticks...I'll have to scan it in here after I give it to him and see if y'all can figure out the pun.


Kitt said...

That hat does look great! Really cute.

Rooie said...

Thanks! It's an easy pattern.