Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Tart Little Confection

Mr. Pointy Sticks and I will be having dinner Thursday night with Katharine Weber, so I pulled her latest book -- True Confections -- off my TBR stack and started it yesterday afternoon. And then I stayed up until 2 a.m. reading it and finished it off this afternoon. What a fun book! There seems to be more humor in this one than in the other books of Katharine's. The narrator, Alice Tatnall Ziplinsky, is witty and quite articulate and, as you read on, you realize that she's perhaps not completely reliable. At a young age she finds a job at the Zip's Candy factory and, soon after, she marries into the Ziplinsky family. The book is one long affadavit she is giving that covers the history of the company...and reveals some family and company secrets.

Another recommendation for all you faithful readers!

I have the unhappy task of knitting up some chemo caps for my cousin's wife...wish I didn't have to do so. I started one Friday and had to rip it out yesterday because there was no way it would fit over anyone's head. Started it up again last night and am back to about where I was when I ripped it out. It's just a simple beanie. I have plans for some prettier ones, too.

And tomorrow it's a new work week...but only four days, as I'm taking Friday off.

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Katharine Weber said...

Looking forward to seeing you both.

Be sure to take a look at, where the jingle-singing contest is still open.