Monday, October 25, 2010

Fresh, Fresh Seafood!

Which is both what we ate and where we ate this evening. Fresh, Fresh Seafood is a restaurant in Towson and this evening Don took us, and his sister who is visiting from Texas, out to dinner. The chef (and only employee this evening) is Rick, a charming host. And what did we eat?

We started out with some friend clams...very tasty.

For dinner, I had the fried shrimp, mac and cheese and collard greens with smoked turkey.

Tasty, but an awful lot of food...I couldn't finish. And while the shrimp were good, very tender and sweet, I sort of wish I had gotten something that wasn't fried. I'm not sure how well it'll be sitting later, all this fried stuff. (As it turned out...just fine. And really, for being fried, the shrimp were light and not greasy.) The collards were a little bitter but the smoked turkey was lovely. The mac and cheese was good too...I'd like to try some when there wasn't so much other food competing for my attention!

Mr. Pointy Sticks made, I think, a wiser choice...

Orange roughy in lemon butter sauce and a baked potato and garden salad. Nothing special in the salad but all the ingredients looked incredibly crisp and fresh and the tomato looked like a tomato with real flavor.

So, the food was good, but jesus, the service was slow. I know that Rick was working on his own. But for the first hour we were the only people there (four more came in while we were there) and it took us two hours before we got the check. A little more time than I want to take on a work night.

Would I go back? Definitely...though I think I'd like to go at lunchtime because they had a seafood platter on the lunch menu that sounded yummy...shrimp and scallops and fish. I should have asked...I might have been able to order that last night.

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