Sunday, October 10, 2010

I've Got Class!

Yesterday was the first session (of three) of the Stranded Nordic Mitten class I am taking. What fun! And what hard work! Tracy kept walking through the classroom and saying "This is the quietest class!" I told her it was because we were all working so, so hard! I haven't worked so hard at a piece of knitting for some time.

So here we are, ready to go! I've got my yarn wound, my needles ready and my little Puppy Snips ready to cut anything needing cutting.

I had to decide which color would be the background and which would be the motifs...and finally decided I liked the red on the blue rather than vice versa.

And we cast off! I mean, on.... Here's the ribbing.

And here is the first section of color work.

And after three plus hours...we have an inch or so!

Whew! I told you it was hard work.

I should have been working on it today, but Mr. Pointy Sticks and I decided to drive down to Flag Pond, down in Calvert County, to see if we could find any shark teeth. Flag Pond is right near Calvert Cliffs and Calvert Cliffs are full of fossils...and they wash up onto the shore there. We have, over the several times we've been there found, oh, a palm-full of shark, crocodile and ray teeth...mostly tiny ones. I have a friend at work who spent a lot of time there (I'm not sure he goes as often now) and he found a tooth as large as his hand! That had to be some shark.

Today we only found (well, I say "we" was all Mr. Pointy Sticks) one shark tooth (a nice one about a half an inch long) and a crocodile tooth. But it was a beautiful day for the beach!

I love the beach...the sound of the water, the smell, the taste of was just a lovely day.

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