Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Okay, two blogs for one today, as one is pretty short and simple. And I want to link to it here to remind my brother about it. We talked about it last night, but if he's at all like me, he'd forgotten it by the time he hung up the phone.

It's Criggo. Dedicated to the proposition that newspapers are too funny to let die. Full of amusing this one....and this one. Or this one.

Though I'll admit, some of them go over my head. Like this one. But nobody bats a thousand.

Except, perhaps, for Antonia. The author of Whoopee, Antonia has given me more laughs than anyone I read. She's a tad profane, so if you're easily offended by salty language you might want to give her a pass. But whether she's wondering about moths, complaining about her neighbors, dressing up her kids, or dressing up garden snails, she's clever and witty and such a great writer. And did I mention she can draw, too? I'd love her as a neighbor...if only so I could snorgle her little butterball of a son and play with Esme all day long.

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