Sunday, August 15, 2010

Some Days...

...everything seems to be conspiring to keep you from getting up.

Hard to brush your teeth when your sink is fur-lined.

Nothing much new here. The socks are coming along...I'm up to the heel of the second one.

The July scarf is coming along. I'm almost three-quarters of the way through it. And I've started another one for August, but I may be ripping it out. It may be the ugliest scarf ever knit.

The shawl needs just a couple more half-circles and the edging.

Reading lately has been disappointing. I started a fantasy novel...bleah. Started a mystery and put it down...dull. I am working through The Slap, which is full of unpleasant people. Started a Dan Simmons book...stupid. Hoping that this situation improves.

More pictures when I actually have something to show you.

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