Monday, August 16, 2010

Depending On The Talent Of Others

Since I seem to have nothing much to post about at the present, perhaps I'll spend some time over the next few days introducing you to some of the blogs I really enjoy.

So today...Dances With Wool. I love reading about people living completely different lives than mine. And Lene certainly fills that bill. She is somewhere inside the Arctic circle in Finland, according to her blog, so you get lovely posts about the reindeer browsing in her yard and way the changing light gives her hope for the light-filled days of summer. She knits and spins and embroiders and sews and draws....all with great talent and verve and a wonderful sense of color. She has shared her space with us.

But oh, her knitting! I love her knitting. Look at these mittens! Or these! Look at this little girl's cardigan! Or this one!

I'll never meet Lene in person, I'm sure. But I am so glad to have a chance to get to know her through her blog.

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