Thursday, January 7, 2010

Thank You, Miss Volvo!

Had an exciting ride home this afternoon. We were toodling along the Beltway, fairly slowly thankfully, when suddenly.... WHAM!...we got rear-ended. Incredibly loud noise and I had visions of the rear end of the car smashed in. We worked our way over to the shoulder, as did the car that smacked us, and got out to see what was what.

And, blessings to the Swedes...Miss Volvo had nary a scratch or a dent. Not a mark. The guy that hit us pulled in behind us in his Mercedes and he got out. To give him credit, the first thing he did was apologize and ask was if I was okay (Mr. Pointy Sticks was still in the car getting insurance info), the second thing he did was to look at our car and ask Mr. Pointy Sticks if he was okay. And then he checked out his own car. Not a mark there either!

So we got back on the road and headed off. For such a loud and scary noise, it sure had a happy outcome!

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ml said...

Always nerve-rattling...glad it wasn't snowing, etc. etc. The two car makes involved would be my pick--either one--to be in in an accident, if one couldn't be in a Hummer. Congrats to the ole Volvo. Glad you're allright.