Tuesday, January 19, 2010

But My Cats Check Me Out Every Morning...

But apparently that wasn't enough for my doctor. I called her yesterday, telling her that I was still in a lot of pain. So she hauled me in this morning and looked me over. The news may not be good. She sent me for a CAT scan and there may be an MRI, drugs and possibly surgery in my future. She thinks it may be trigeminal neuralgia. The CAT scan was to look for an abscess of some sort and I guess at this point, that would be a good thing.

One nice thing? I got some decent pain pills and I managed a three hour nap this afternoon. Lying down, not sitting up, which was certainly nice. And it was heaven being pain-free for a while. I was sort of sorry to be asleep for it.

So...there's that news.

Though she did say that if I needed surgery, she'd send me to Dr. Ben Carson. Talk about being in good hands!

In knitting news...The red cabley Palindrome scarf is coming along. I'm just about through my second skein and got the extra balls I needed from Webs today. And bless 'em, their searchers found the same dye lot! Such good service.

And, finding myself a little bored by the scarf, I started a cute hat. Pictures later. It's a pattern that Rachel found. If I could remember the name, I'd post a picture. Oh, here's the pattern...Columbia Beret by Sarah Pope.

Okay...pain's getting worse and the cats are hungry. More later.

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