Tuesday, January 26, 2010

MRIs Are Weird and Wonderful...Well, Mostly Weird

The MRI is all done and I have, because they gave me the films, a fairly thick stack of pictures of my brain. It's very strange to look at pictures of one's own brain, I find. Makes me feel a little creeped out.

It was mostly noisy. Very, very noisy. I lay there with my eyes closed counting the bangs of the MRI machine...there were different sorts of bangs. Sometimes it just went "BANG, BANG, BANG." Other times it would go "bangbangbangbangbangbangbang (pause) BANGBANGBANGBANGBANGBANGBANG." (That little two minutes worth wasn't bad...it sort of had a dance beat.) Then at one point it sort of sounded like the machine was saying "blood clot, blood clot, blood clot."

After the first few minutes I opened my eyes for a second and there was a funny smiley face in a top hat drawn inside the tube, smiling down at me...made me chuckle. I mostly kept my eyes closed but when I started getting a little antsy, I'd open 'em up and smile at the smiley face.

I was a little nervous about the dye injection since they make you sign something listing all the bad things that might happen. I had a bit of a headache but I think that was from lack of food rather than the dye.

And my step-mom had suggested I ask for a blanket. They actually offered me one and, although I felt pretty comfortable at that moment, I said yes please, as I thought the coziness would help. And by the end of the test, even with the blanket, my legs were sort of chilly (even though I was fully clothed). So thank you, Barbara, for that sage advice!

It's going to be tough getting up and going to work tomorrow. Not because I feel bad at all...just because these days off have been pretty nice...well, with the exception of the hour I spent at American Radiology. That I could do without.

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