Thursday, September 17, 2009

Work... kicking my butt this week. We are so busy with the health care reform legislation which (and I hope it isn't against Federal employment policy for me to comment on this) may be giving my employer just a leettle more work than we really need. Work completely unrelated to what we should be doing.

Anyway, I am so glad that tomorrow is Friday.

Kat, I got the Andrew Taylor and I thank you very much. Have you read the latest Ann Cleves, Red Bones? I was going to send it your way, if you'd like it. Also (if I can remember where I put it) Matthew Dick's Something Missing, which I liked a lot. And Black and White and Dead All Over, too, if you like. Let me know.


Kathryn said...

I got the books, Sarah! You rock and I thank you! Did you know we have a new kitty? His name is Sparky (short for Spartacus) and he's a grey long-hair Tom (well, ex Tom now). Hunk of Love. He loves it when Mom reads!

Rooie said...

Glad the books arrived! I got the Andrew Taylors too.

I just finished a good 'un called Bad Traffic. Have you read it? I want to lend it to my dad and then I can send it your way if you want.

Kat Warren said...

Read "Red Bones" over the weekend; mighty tasty, Sarah, many thanks. Sure, I'm up for "Bad Traffic" whenever.