Sunday, September 20, 2009

Can't Tomorrow Be Saturday Again?

I spent some of Saturday, after Mr. Pointy Sticks and I ran around and got some chores done, at my favorite place. Guess where?

Yeah. The Black Sheep. That's no surprise, I guess. I spent some time knitting there, although it was a tiny bit spoiled because one of the women who works there occasionally was there and she just sort of rubs me the wrong way. Part of it is not her fault....something about her attitude remains me too much of my late step-mother-in-law. She is a wizard knitter, but I think that, other than knitting, we would have very little in common. She was saying some disparaging things about people who live in the US and don't learn to speak a snotty sort of fashion. Now, do I think immigrants to the US should try to learn English? Yes, because it will make their life easier and help them, perhaps, feel more comfortable here. Do I hold it against them when they do not?'s hard for adults to learn a second language, ESL courses are not free and are not all that plentiful, and perhaps someone understands English but isn't comfortable speaking it to a snooty American. Anyway, the conversation sort of left a bad taste in my mouth.

So I wandered around and cheered myself up with the pretties. I am inordinately attracted to these yarns...

Ooooh, sparkly! Fortunately, my favorite one, a blend of reds and pinks and oranges, has apparently been sold. I say fortunately because I really don't know what I would make out of the silly stuff. (Though I rather like the purple-pink one in the foreground there...) But again....ooooh, sparkly!

They had gotten a big ole box of yarn, which included some fun gigantor balls of yarn.

Just how big are they?

Here's one with a mug for comparison.

The box also had some Mark and Kattens sock yarn that was Noro-esque but much softer.

They had this colorway and a blue-purple one, which you can just see in the first shot of the box. Nice stuff.

I didn't come home empty-handed...I got some stuff that I'll tell you about tomorrow.

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