Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Questions And Answers

Question: So, did you finish those Sunset Socks?

Answer: Sure did! Only took a little over a week. How's that for zippy?

I love these socks. They just feel great and they're just so pretty. I am silly thrilled about them, for some reason. I am even thinking about entering them in the Fair.

Question: Isn't that sort of silly?

Answer: Yeah, probably. But they are perfect. I don't think there's a single mistake and there aren't little holes above the gusset and the toes have those pretty little braids. So I'm thinking about it.

Question: So, what did you do once those socks were finished?

Answer: What do you think?

Question: Start another pair of socks?

Answer: Uh.....yup.

Very different yarn. Much thinner and floopier. (What? Floopier? It's a perfectly cromulent word.) The socks are going to feel lighter, with less body. I'm not sure that "drapey" is really the quality you want in a pair of socks...we shall see. The yarn is from the same company as the Sunset socks...ONLine Supersocke. But the others are from the Wellness Color line (they have aloe and jojoba in the yarn) and these are from the Butterfly Color line.

I don't know that they'll be my favorite socks, but they're okay.

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Oh, Brother said...

Go for it! But in deference to that ol' adage "Fools' Names and Fools' Faces . . .," do so under a pseudonym.

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