Monday, May 23, 2011

Skyp The Sunset

I finished the Fiesta sock last night and immediately cast on for another pair. For some reason, I am really on a sock-knitting roll. Of course, it helps to have yarn like this with which to knit. I fell in love with the color...but have found that knitting with this yarn is wonderful!

It's ONline Supersocke Wellness II - Color. And these colors just scream sunset to me. I am using a pattern called Simple Skyp (pronounced, I believe, "skip" -- at least, that's how I'm saying it in my head) but I'm changing it about a bit. It's written as a cuff down sock but I prefer toe-ups so that's how I'm doing it. But I love the way the stitch looks:

But you know what? Even the sole is pretty in plain old stockinette.

Thank you, Rhodies, for letting my sock pose on you.

Another thing that got accomplished yesterday -- we planted the little planters we have on the front porch.

This year I went with polka-dot plant, gerbera daisies, lobelia and some sort of red flower that I can't remember the name of. They look pretty now (there are actually three is out of sight in this picture) but they'll undoubtedly look pretty ratty by the end of the summer.

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