Thursday, May 5, 2011

Kitchen Redo

Meet Russell Stover.

And Annika, the dishwasher.

The guys were here first thing in the morning...7 a.m....and were done by 9 a.m. Could have gone to work I suppose, but instead Mr. Pointy Sticks and I stayed home and watched some Mad Men and went to Wegman's to pick up cookies for a baby shower at work tomorrow and had a nice day off.

I realized early this week that I hadn't checked with Bray and Scarff to see if the flat surface of the stove was white or black and alas, it is white, as I feared. It looks wonderful but I know that the black top eventually discolored and I'm afraid this one will do so even faster. And our old stove had the knobs and control panel on the top surface, which I think was a little easier to use than this one. But hey, it's done.

Heh. And despite the high cost of the stove, it didn't come with a broiling pan...instead it came with a special offer to send away from a broiling pan for only $18. Glad I hung on to my old one!

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