Thursday, June 30, 2011

Boneyard - Day 8

No picture, because really...the shawl is looking about the same as the last picture, unless you count the stripes.

And I think I am about done. I have a skein and a bit of the Fathom, so that's not a worry. But I only have about 100 grams of the Fiesta left and the last two-row stripe I did took about 6 grams. I am supposed to end the shawl with five garter stitch ridges...that is, ten row. Or 60+ grams, since every other row gets longer by four stitches. So I am thinking that I might start the end now. I am thinking that I might alternate rows of the Fiesta and the Fathom and maybe do a couple extra more rows of garter...I don't know. But I think the end is in sight. Which is good because Sheri will be giving us our second Camp Loopy project tomorrow and this one needs to be all finished up (blocked and photographed) by July 15th.

And yay! Tomorrow is Friday!

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