Monday, June 20, 2011

More Questions And Desultory Answers

Q: So….you’ve been quiet. Everything okay?

A: Yup.

Q: Really? Then why no blog entries?

A.: Dunno.

Q: People have been asking about you. (Well, two of them have been.) Why haven’t you written anything?

A: Didn’t feel like it.

Q: I know what it is. You’re just not doing anything. You have nothing to write about. Haven’t read any good books. Haven’t done any knitting.

A: Not true.

Q: So spill.

A: Fine. I went to my 35th college reunion a couple of weekends ago. Primarily so that I could see my friends Beth and Bev. I was hoping some other people would show up (Andy and Lil, I’m looking in your direction…not that either of you read this blog, so there’s that glare wasted) but they didn’t. Most of the people I not only didn’t recognize, the names didn’t even ring a bell. But it was a gorgeous day and it was good to see Beth and Bev again. Though, for the prices they charged for the (mediocre) lunch and the (pretty good) dinner, we could probably spend a day at a day spa and come home with change. The campus looks lovely…though I told Bev I thought this could backfire as I looked around the campus and found myself thinking, “Huh. I need my money more than F&M needs my money.”

Still, pretty college. And there was a bagpiper. Everything goes better with a bagpiper.

In other good news, I went back to my doctor and since March, I’ve lost 12 pounds. And more importantly, my numbers are better…bad cholesterol down from 153 to 131 and the total is 213 or something like that. So, onward and downward!

Q: What about the knitting?

A: Well, I’m still working on the blue socks that I started right after the pretty sunset ones. Even though they are just plain stockinette, they are going rather slowly because they are…not wonderful. The yarn is splitty – always a problem – and the resultant fabric is just sort of floppy and thin seeming. I don’t know how well these socks are going to wear.

And I'm going to camp! Well, sort of. The Loopy Ewe is hosting Camp Loopy…there will be three projects to do during the summer and if you finish all three on time, you end up with a gift at the end of the summer. I’d like to do Stephen West’s Boneyard shawl, I think…in two colors, since those are the rules. It’s a simple but good looking shawl and would be good to throw on at work, I think.

I’m still working on my kimono. I have about half a front to finish and then the back and then all the finishing…which involves a lot of knitting, not just sewing.
I’d like to start one of the Noro projects I have lined up…but they aren’t really good carry-around projects I don’t think. Well, actually, the vest might be okay to tote around.
So lots of thought, not a lot of action.

Q: And the books?

A: I’ve read some good‘uns. I’ll have to write about them later.

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Rooie said...

This comment actually came from ML, but I hit "delete" instead of hitting "publish"...I'm such an idiot.

"Big congratulations on the weight loss and the changes in LDL!"