Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Off With The Old, On With The New

So the old July Red Scarf is gone...well, it's still sitting on the needles, but only because I haven't yet taken the time to rip it back. Meanwhile, a new July scarf is springing to life.

This is a nice yarn that was on close-out at Webs. It's Queensland Collection's Kathmandu, and is a mix of merino wool, silk and (yum) cashmere. Has a nice hand.

The color's a little truer here and you can see the stitch pattern better. The pattern's called Asherton. Not mindless, but I think it'll make a good scarf for a young man.

My Dark Side of the Moon socks are done and off the needles. And on the feet! I wore them to work yesterday, in fact.

I'm quite happy with them. The patterning of this yarn (another Web's closeout - Regia's Galaxy) reminds me a little of old '60s Formica patterns.

And look, there's a new pair on the needles already!

This is, yes, another Web's closeout purchase...another one in the Harlekin color line (like those pretty yellow-orange-white-blue ones I just did). Just barely gotten a start on this one. It may just be a simple stockinette sock...or I may look for a stitch to throw in when I get home this evening.

Yesterday I ran into the Black Sheep to pick up a forgotten needle (I had been there Tuesday evening, finishing up the latest socks and had **GASP** left one of my needles there so that I couldn't start this newest pair until today....what a tragedy!), and I decided to indulge myself a little. (I had just gotten a nice award at work and I had told Rachel to buy herself a video game she wanted as a why shouldn't I get a treat too?) I picked up a skein of --

Oooh, sequins! Beads!! Silk!!! So pretty. So shimmery. Only a bit over 100 yards, though. What am I going to do with it? God knows. Fondle it, perhaps. Name it.

Actually, it comes with a simple little scarf pattern that would make an amusing frippery to throw around one's neck in the winter. So I might do that. I should definitely check out Ravelry's database and see what others have done with it. I might have bought two of them...there were two of them there on Tuesday evening....but sometime during the day on Wednesday, someone bought one.

In other news...we have baby pears!

I'm thrilled with this, as the tree has only been in place one year and it has been so dry this summer. We'll see if any of these babies come to fruition.

And I'll leave you with some photos of some of our daylilies. They're about over for the year...but they sure are pretty while they're blooming.

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