Thursday, July 1, 2010

Impulse Of Delight

The Black Sheep has been having its yearly sale and I was trying to be good and not go up there…what with recent trips to Webs, and a little splurge at The Loopy Ewe, I really don’t need to spend more money for yarn.
But then I saw this pattern:
I fell in love with this pattern and I have been developing the itch to knit a shawl. I don’t know why. I don’t know that I am the shawl type, really. But there are so many pretty ones and something about the thought of snurgling up in a shawl appeals to me….so….I downloaded the pattern. You know, for some day. Not too soon, I have too many other things to do. But someday in the not-too-distant-future I want to make this shawl.

I ran into the Black Sheep hoping to get some Noro Silk Garden Light for it. You have for the future. But I need seven skeins and, of the colors I loved (the colors with the blues and purples and turquoises), there were only three skeins of one color, four skeins of another, three skeins of the third. Dang it. But then Tracy, ever the enabler, pointed out that the Aya, a cotton and silk with just-a-touch-of-wool Noro, was also on sale. So I bought up seven skeins of this color.

What's that you say? You only see six skeins there? Really?

Um…I might have already started the shawl…

I just couldn't resist it.

I also bought these last four skeins of Silk Garden Light because I loved the colors. Wish they'd had seven skeins of this.

In other news, I haven’t mentioned the July Red Scarf for quite some time. That’s because it’s been marinating in my bag, traveling back and forth to work with me, while I’ve decided that I hate it. Sigh. So I think it’ll be unknit and I’ll start something else with another yarn. I don’t like this yarn much. At least not in this incarnation. So it's back to the drawing board...or knitting sticks....something.

I also got that Loopy Ewe order today. You see, there's this dyer, The Sanguine Gryphon, who dyes absolutely scrumptious yarns. She's located in Maryland, actually. On the Eastern Shore somewhere, I think. And her yarn is sometimes hard to get hold of...but I wandered into The Loopy Ewe at just the right moment and scored two skeins of her yarn. And then I decided to get some Madelinetosh as long as I was ordering. And in order to get free shipping, I threw in a lovely Ann Hanson pattern...

The top two are the Gryphon's -- the orange is "Orange Assassin Bug" and the blue-y green is "Arge Moth" (they are from her buggy series). And the yarn at the bottom is the Madtosh in the Georgia O'Keefe colorway. (Yes, I'm using the word "colorway" though there are plenty on Ravelry who think it's a pretentious word and hate it. I think it is a very specific and useful word and I use it often.)

Ahhhhhhh....those colors!

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