Monday, February 8, 2010

What's That Weatherman Saying??!!!

So, no work today. No word yet about tomorrow but I'm assuming that we'll be going in.

And...tomorrow night? They're predicting....sunshine?....chocolate truffles falling from the sky?...a shower of hummingbirds and fairy sparkles?

No....more snow! Maybe 20"! How exciting! Isn't that just thrilling?

So let's talk about books.

Have I read anything really good since last I posted books over there on the left? Well, yes, a couple.

The Unnamed by Joshua Ferris. This is the guy who wrote And Then We Came to the End, a both funny and sort of heart-breaking book about a company going under. This book is very different. The main character, Tim Farnsworth, suffers from a periodic compulsion to walk. At any time, in any weather, he is forced to walk until he collapses from compulsion. No one can explain this phenomenon. He's a successful lawyer and loves his job, but this compulsion is destroying that. He loves his wife, but this compulsion, of course, affects his marriage, too. It's a great book.

Two South African mysteries by Deon Meyer - Dead Before Dying and Devil's Peak. These were sent to me by my friend Kat and I really enjoyed these. She sent me another one, Blood Safari, that was okay...but I liked the first two better.

Stitches by David Small is an incredible graphic novel by a very talented illustrator. A grim, but ultimately...well, not happy...but uplifting book.

Other than that...nothing really wonderful. But I'll update the list...maybe there will be something there that someone will like.

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