Wednesday, February 3, 2010


How could I have forgotten Tom's Midnight Garden!? The Wizard of Earthsea?! The Lovely Summer??!! Or Patricia McLachlan's Baby? And The Rabbit's Umbrella!!??

And Käthe pointed out that Eva, for example, is really a YA I think I'll try again. I think I'll see if I can't come up with my ten favorite picture books, children's books and YA books. (Though there's always some blurring in those last two categories.) I will (possibly) put a little more thought into the selections this time, instead of just sitting here at my desk and musing a bit.

I have been knitting...and there will be pictures later to prove it. We had snow overnight and work started two hours late, so I took some pictures of Palindrome (groan - still not finished) and a hat I'm working on (which may explain, in part, why Palindrome isn't yet finished) and Gizmo. But I didn't get them uploaded before we left.

Usually, when work opens two hours late, I take it as a sign from God to stay home. Wish I'd done so this time.


Oh, Brother said...

Whaddabout "Beady Bear?" Not to mention the ouvre of Mlle. Potter. And "Sailor Dog, " if it comes to that.

Kaethe said...

Making a good list is HARD. No wonder it took me a month to narrow it down to ten. Plus, I had the comfort of knowing that the upteen million other reader's of Fuse #8 would send in their favorites, covering some I might have included.

ps. I am wearing my lovely socks which you knit for me. So comfy, so warm, so colorful! Thank you, again.

Rooie said...

Well, hey, brother! This is my list, not yours...though it's hard to argue with Sailor Dog. Or The Roly-Poly Pudding. (I know, I know...your favorite would be The Tale of Mr. Todd.)

There's also Sugarplum and there has to be something Sendak and something by Hilary Knight. And something by Trina Schart Hyman...either Red Riding Hood or How Six Found Christmas or....

This is hard!!

Glas the socks are still keeping you warm, Kaethe!

Kaethe said...

Well, the Sendak and the Knight You'd put in your picture books category. That makes a little space.

mlw said...

Okay, sorry, moving right along perhaps into the "YA" category, one would have to include, celebrated as it already is, "A Wrinkle In Time."

I love and loved a YA book called "The Giant Under The Snow" by John Gordon--it falls squarely into the overly-influenced-by-England trend of our youth. I'd have to put that as one of my ten.

And one is omitting the classics? No Frances Hodgson Burnett? No Louisa May Alcott? I would have to put "Mary Poppins" somewhere there on my list for childhood as well. And, of dear, there's Laura Ingalls Wilder, of course. Maybe a separate list for "Classics That Go Without Saying"

And we can't forget "Tom Sawyer" and "Penrod" eithe--and the Molesworth books would definitely make an appearance. Older children, certainly, but a ten or eleven year old is partly still a child, no?

Rooie said...

Ooh, The Giant under the Snow...I'd forgotten that one. (Though one could argue that, because I forgot it, it shouldn't be on my list.) Actually, I should look at my shelf of Puffins...there's probably a lot I'm forgetting that would clamor for a place on the list.

I don't think Molesworth would make it on my list. And maybe not Laura Ingalls Wilder...I mean, I liked her stuff but I didn't love it.

But no, I should not have forgotten Mary Poppins. I hang my head in shame.

And I keep thinking of Gillian Avery's The Warden's Niece which I sure liked a lot.