Monday, September 5, 2011


The weekend is, for all intents and purposes, over. And tomorrow is a working day. I am so not looking forward to work. One co-worker is off for the next week and the other only works on Mondays and will only be in tomorrow. So it's going to be a boring week.

I had a nice weekend. Spent time at The Black Sheep on Saturday (seems like ages ago). Had lunch at Atwaters with Mr. Pointy Sticks on Saturday, too. of the best soups I've ever had there (Hanoi Beef Soup) and a great tomato and mozarella salad. What else? Went to Borders and came home with two bags full of books, all 60 or 70 percent off. Got a number of books that were on my Amazon Wish List. So that was nice, if sad.

And I worked on this:

Duncan was very interested. He was all over me while I was trying to take pictures.

I think he thought I was making him a cat seat.

Thanks, guy. Cat butt all over my shawl.

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