Sunday, August 14, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

Much excitement here in the House of the Pointy Sticks. Tomorrow is August 15th and that means that I can finally start Camp Loopy Project Three! You can bet I'll be starting it in the car tomorrow morning on the way to work!

I've got my pattern and a new Chiaogoo needle.

I've got my yarn all wound and I've even knitted a swatch (and then unknitted it).

I've also slightly over-anticipated the completion of the shawl...I was in The Black Sheep on Saturday, having a delightful afternoon with Tracy et al. and saw a shawl pin...the perfect shawl pin...a shawl pin that I fell in love with.

So it came home with me.

I've finished the first of Mr. Pointy Sticks' pair of socks and have started the second.

I asked him if I couldn't just do a little something special at the cuff. He agreed as long as it "wasn't too fancy." So I just reversed the ribbing for the last six rows.

I like it...and he didn't think it was too fancy.

On Thursday I started a Harriet the Hippo for an upcoming baby shower. I've gotten the body and the tail knit...just have to do two arms and two ears. I was hoping to finish all the knitting this weekend but alas, I pooped out. Pictures when she's all done.

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Oh, Brother said...

Ooooh . . . Now I understand where all the tiny little clicking noises I heard all weekend were coming from.