Friday, August 5, 2011

Damn Teeth

This'll be a short post as I had root canal this afternoon (one of my molars, so a four-root jobbie) and I am feeling sort of sore right now. And my gum is rather nastily swollen...bleah. Stupid teeth.

But look -- some finished objects.

My Jolly July socks...

My Spruce Tree mittens for Camp Loopy. I'm not terribly happy with these. I could have done better.

While I wait for the start date of our third, and last, camp project (we have to knit something using 800 yards of yarn...I'm going to be doing another shawl), I started yet another pair of socks.

What? You think they don't look as bright as my usual socks? Look at these pretty colors!

But I cannot tell a lie. They aren't for me. I was thrilled when Mr. Pointy Sticks mentioned that perhaps I could knit him a pair of socks. And he liked this yarn!

Now my tooth and I are hitting the aspirin and then, perhaps, the bed.

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