Sunday, May 9, 2010

Hey, Wattzat You're Readin'?

I have some pictures to put up here from our weekend...we actually did some stuff this weekend rather than just sitting and reading and knitting. But I haven't added any books for a while, so let's get that out of the way. I'll update that list and talk about the best ones here...

Good To A Fault, by Marina Endicott, rated a star in my book. It's the story of a woman whose life is circumscribed and safe...until she is the cause of a car accident and takes the family in the car she hits under her wing. The changes that she brings to their lives...and more importantly, the changes they bring to hers, are a little more than she bargained for. I liked this book a lot...the situations and the writing reminded me of Anne Tyler.

e Squared is lightweight. It's the sequel to e and, while no great example of literature, killed a day pleasantly.

The Black Cat is Martha Grime's latest Richard Jury mystery. I have a great fondness for her mysteries though they are somewhat mannered. (Is that the term I want?) This one has talking animals...just talking to each other, mind you, not to the humans in the story.

I read another C.J Sansom mystery set in the time of Henry VIII and really enjoyed it, but Revelation dragged for me. May have been my mood rather than anything intrinsically wrong with the book but I just found it hard to stay interested.

The Bestiary was a book I picked up at Daedalus...largely because of the cover, I will admit. But I enjoyed this story of the main character's obsessive search for a mysterious bestiary, unseen for centuries.

Alive in Necropolis is another Daedalus find and was a fun sort of story. A young police officer, stationed in Colma, CA, a city where the dead vastly outnumber the living, deals not only with his chaotic personal life but also with the fact that he is beginning to be able to see the dead...and some of them want him to join them. The ending was a little weak, though.

The Selected Works of T.S Spivet was a book I looked longingly at in hardback and when I saw it in paperback (in Wegman's, no less) I grabbed it. And I loved most of it. Like the last book I mentioned, I think the ending was seemed sort of as though the author ran out of interest or ideas or something. And I thought the secret society plot was silly. But I loved T.S. -- he's a charming little boy.

Back in a bit with some photos... Food! Flowers!! Electric cars!!!!

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