Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Blogger is behaving better, so I was able to load my Sheep and Wool piccies.

My first stop was at the Creatively Dyed stall...I love Diane's yarns.

The colors are rich and saturated and just glorious.

Look at this wall of yarn! Yum. I want them all. In fact, I almost made a second stop there before we left, but controlled myself.

Want to see what I bought? Here you go.

The brown? Granted, that's not my usual color choice. But perhaps Mr. Pointy Sticks will get a pair of socks.

What else did I buy? I visited Gale's Art and bought some yarn and some Sassafrass Creations earrings (my second pair from S.C.). The earrings are made from sections of knitting needles! Aren't they fun?

I love this yarn...reminds me of a Monet painting.

And then, of course, there are sheep!

Sheep with dreadlocks...enjoying a joke...

...waiting for a skritch...



This was funny...I stopped by this sheep's stall and she was posed so nicely. I leaned down and took her picture, then stood up and saw the second sheep in the stall hurrying over and...


This stall full of ewes just made a pretty picture.

And Rachel, here's a Jacob for you. Sorry it's not a better picture. We must not have been in the right barn for Jacob's because I didn't see many of them.

And toots, look at this profile!

And no trip to the Sheep and Wool Show is complete without a visit with the llamas and alpacas!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures!


Oh, Brother said...

Nice pics! I especially liket "enjoying a joke." I'm kinda sorry I didn't get there.

Rooie said...

There's always next year. There's probably a family member who would be willing to go with you.