Friday, May 7, 2010

Colorful, Colorful...

Well, there's all sorts of color around here these days! Here's the rhododendron that's out's a deep pinky red. We have a new baby rhody in the back yard...

I actually wanted an even paler pink...I've seen one in the neighborhood...but this one, while a little too purple, is pretty. I've got my eye out for another paler one.

And the bleeding hearts are out again...I love bleeding hearts!

But hey, there's even more pink here...

I started these socks in the car this morning. The yarn is Creatively Dyed Beaches in the colorway Alki. I'm using the Charade pattern (the same pattern I used for the socks I sent to Beth a while back - the ones shown on this page here) but I am changing it to make it a toe-up sock.

I think the pattern looks a little better in the yarn I used for Beth's socks...the slipped over stitches showed up a little more clearly in her socks....perhaps because that yarn was more stripey. But one of the things I like about the Creatively Dyed yarns is the shorter stretches of there you go.

And, though I hate to spoil all the pinks here, there's some red going on, too. My June Red Scarf...or perhaps I should say my June Sort-of-Red Scarf, since there are several other colors involved.

It feels incredibly squishy and nice.

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