Thursday, December 17, 2009

Red Scarf – FAIL

I feel bad. I contributed no red scarves to the Red Scarf Project this year. I donated some money, which I guess is better than nothing, but I knit no scarves. And I feel bad. Bad enough that I am thinking that perhaps I should challenge myself to knit a red scarf every month next year. How about that? Twelve scarves next year? I might be able to do that.

I should try to get The Black Sheep behind this. Print out some posters. Maybe get some of the other knitters there involved. Make sure there’s lots of red yarn in the shop. Oooh, maybe have a day where all red yarns are on sale! I dunno. I do think that the Red Scarf project is a good cause. I do like to support these kids who may not have had a lot of support in their lives.

At least I can knit a scarf.

The Fates are conspiring. I got an email this afternoon from Norma telling me that I had won one of the prizes in the Red Scarf Project giveaway. I won my choice of one of JessaLu's gorgeous bags. The one I chose is no longer pictured...but I was very tempted by this one. And the monkey ones are awfully cute, too.

So here it official challenge to myself. One Red Scarf a month. I've already placed my order at Webs for some red yarn.

Anyone have any pattern ideas?

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