Thursday, December 31, 2009

End and Beginning

So, the year is dwindling down to its last hours. Bye, bye 2009.

It hasn’t been a bad old year, on the whole. Rachel had a great spring semester at Mary Washington, academically speaking, and successfully transferred to Hampshire, where she appears to be happy (well, as happy as Rachel gets) and doing well. I certainly like Hampshire’s proximity to Webs. I mean, hey, if you have to drive seven hours to cart your kid to college, it’s nice to have America’s largest yarn shop there at the end of the drive!

Mr. Pointy Sticks and I are trundling along. Though we were saying the other night that we really need a vacation. We’re not big vacationers on the whole. We’ve been to England once, Sanibel twice, Maine once and Nova Scotia once. We’d like to see more of Canada. I have developed a strange hankering to see Greece. Mr. Pointy Sticks loves the Donna Leon mysteries and we sometimes mention wanting to see Venice. I’m sure we won’t do anything about it soon…we are so deliberate that we make tortoises look like reckless speedsters…but perhaps a vacation is in the future.

My dad is well, though he did manage to lop the last joint of his left index finger off in a table saw accident this summer. Took himself to the emergency room, too. He’s had a nasty sinus infection that is lingering too long for my liking (and his, too, I’m sure) but on the whole he’s probably healthier than I am.

I gained some weight this year, which is the opposite direction I wanted to go in. But, at the same time, I resumed my exercise biking, which I hadn’t done for a year, and seem to be doing it fairly regularly. I think some of the weight gain may be related to medication…who knows? Ah well.

I reconnected with some cousins this year and with some old college friends. (Happy holidays, Pat and all you Linns! Happy holidays, Beth, Bev, Andy and all.) For someone as non-social as I am, that was a big deal.

So here we go, into 2010. (And I am amazed, frankly, by all the discussion on Ravelry and else-Net about how one says “2010.” I mean, (a) seems pretty obvious to me that it’s twenty-ten and (b) who cares? What’s it matter?)

Happy New Year everyone!

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