Friday, December 18, 2009

Let It Precipitate White Frozen Moisture!

We're ready! We stopped at the Giant on the way home and picked up some necessities. Not the usual Baltimore milk-bread-toilet paper trio, but oranges and a turkey. Oh yeah, we did get some milk, too. And come to think of it, Mr. Pointy Sticks picked up a loaf of bread. So I guess we got two out of three.

There was a nasty, and rather awe-inspiring, accident in the Giant parking lot. A driver (according to someone we spoke with, it was a tiny little old lady) hit two cars somehow and then backed across several lanes in the parking lot at high speed and ended up smashing into three other cars, pinning one driver in his car. He was taken off in an ambulance. I have to feel bad for this driver...she was probably too old to be driving, got confused, hit the gas instead of the brake. But man, it was an impressive accident. Thank heavens she didn't hit any pedestrians.

Unfortunately, tomorrow is Saturday so even if we get this massive snow storm they are predicting ("We're going to get 6 inches!" "Have you heard, we're getting ten inches of snow?!" "They're saying we're getting a foot!!") we won't miss any work. But I am looking forward to just cozying in and having a quiet day. (We were planning to hit the Maul and such...just as happy not to do that!)

Come on, snow!

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