Saturday, May 5, 2012

"It's The MOST WONderful TIME of the YEAR..."

Yes, it's Maryland Sheep and Wool Show weekend.

I wasn't going to buy a shirt this year because I didn't think I liked the design very much.  But on this turquoise, with the blended green-to-blue ink...I thought it looked pretty good and I couldn't resist.  (You will find that there was quite a bit I couldn't resist, alas.)

This was the traditional first stop...I always spend too much here.  I was looking for three skeins of yarn for a Color Affection shawl...I walked away with five skeins.  Ouch.  But so pretty.  Their pictures are coming along soon.


Mr. Pointy Sticks and I got there pretty early.  In fact, I was shopping at Creatively Dyed when they announced over the PA that the show was open and we could all proceed to enter the fairgrounds in an orderly fashion.  But here's the midway about 10:30 or 11:00.  (I didn't have a watch.)  The weather could have been worse (could have been better, too, I guess).  It was warm in the sun (and in the crowded buildings) but cool enough in the shade.  And there was a breeze.  It was oppressively humid though.  I don't do humidity well.

There was an amazing bead booth right across from Creatively Dyed.  I wandered in and took a cursory look...and then started looking closer.  There were some gorgeous beads...and yes, I succumbed here, too.  Twice, in fact.  Or three times, depending on whether you're talking number of visits (2) or number of beads purchased (3). 

 I loved these...but they didn't come home with me.  I think the set was $80.

The little set with the green tag here glows in the dark!  So cool.

So what came home with me?

Yes, it's another sheepie bank.  Doesn't everyone need two?

Some personal adornment.  Those three big beads?  They're the ones from the bead booth.

That blue one?  It (supposedly) glows in the dark!
 Oh, yarn?  Did I get any yarn?  I might have gotten a little.

The Fold was almost empty.  How could I not buy some Socks that Rock?  On Blueberry Hill on the left, and Flash Mobbin' on the right.

 From Creatively Dyed....I got these three skeins to make the Color Affection shawl.

And this one just because I fell in love with it.

And this one because it was called Rachel.

I mean, how could I resist?  It only comes once a year!!


ml said...

Wondering what you will do with your three lovely beads...are they something to do with knitting or just beautiful? (One for each ear and one for the nose, perhaps?)

Rooie said...

These beads are large...about an inch in diameter...and heavy. They'd stretch one's ear-lobes to one's shoulders! I string one on one of my necklaces and wear it around my neck.

And the blue one does glow in the dark. Pretty neat!

nova said...

You bought so many lovely things! It was so nice to meet you!