Sunday, November 20, 2011

Wish List Redux

I was thinking this morning about an email conversation I had with someone recently about Wish Lists and wondering if it would actually be possible to make my Wish List on Amazon private....let people fend for themselves. And then I checked my email just now and found some spam comments. And what post were they on? This one from about a year ago. Apparently my feelings haven't changed a lot.

So perhaps I should, to both satisfy my delight with surprises and yet still help people out, make a general wish list:

I love sweaters, sweatshirts and fleecey tops. Think jewel tones, particularly red. Sweatshirts can be long as they really are funny and not just obnoxious.

I like pretty glass. Either a lovely wine glass...a pretty paperweight...a glass animal.

I love earrings...preferably funky, dangly, ones. They can make noise, they can be made from origami...any and all earrings. I even like simple elegant studs, though I already have some lovely cream pearls.

I also like necklaces. And bracelets that aren't solid dangles. (I've never found them comfortable to wear.)

I'm not so big on kitchenware, though cute kitchenware is a possibility. (For an example, I've seen measuring cups designed to look like matruska dolls.)

I like perfume...something green or citrus-y. There's a website called something like I Hate Perfume and the perfume designer there creates incredible sounding scents...Newly Fallen Snow, In the Library, Russian Caravan...

I love crazy or pretty or very soft socks...though I also love knitting socks.

I like art...a pretty print. Wouldn't have to be framed...I like choosing the frame and mats. And we really don't have anyplace to hang stuff. So perhaps that's not a good idea.

And really...the older I get, the happier I am to find out that a donation has been made in my name to some worthy cause...the Baltimore Humane Society, for example.

So? What do you want for the holidays?

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