Monday, November 14, 2011

It Takes All Kinds

So, I spent last Friday up at the Black Sheep (what better way to remember our fallen heroes and those who serve to protect us). It was an interesting day. But there was one funny exchange – though perhaps only funny to people who work (or hang out) in yarn shops.

I was in the back room, winding a horribly tangled skein of yarn by hand (the ball winder was acting up and Tracy was just going to snip all the pieces but I wanted to save the yarn). I heard the door open and then a woman say (in the tone of voice one might use if looking at a basket of kittens), “Oh look! A knitting club!”

And then the following conversation took place:

“We were just next door? In the consignment shop? Are there other consignment shops along here? Are these [obviously indicating some of the shop samples that adorn the walls of the shop] for sale?”

“No, these aren’t for sale…” says Tracy.

“What kind of shop is this??”

“This is a yarn shop. We do sell the yarn to make these items and we have classes….”

“Are they free?”

“No, we charge for the classes…”

“Are there other consignment shops along here?”

Tracy allowed as how she wasn’t familiar with consignment shops.

And they turned to Renee and said, “You look like you shop at consignment shops! Do you know where any are?!”

How rude. But funny. We also had an interesting woman stop in and got her to sit and chat with us for a while. She works in Forensics for the Baltimore City Police. Very interesting.

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