Sunday, September 5, 2010

Two-Thirds Over, Darn It All

Why do three-day week-ends go so darn fast? Not that we've done anything terribly exciting. Or really done anything much at all.

I did get a chunk done on the August scarf. It's sort of a Just-A-Little-Red Scarf.

When I started it, I thought, "This is the ugliest scarf in all creation!" I had it at work, working on it but thinking perhaps I should just rip it out, but then one of my co-workers stopped at my desk and just loved it. Thought it was great. So on we go with it!

The pretty stripey socks are all done!

Finished them up on Saturday. And immediately cast on some new socks for a Certain Person. This Certain Person might just recognize the yarn.

Or might recognize the stitch.

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