Thursday, October 29, 2009

Well, Lookie Here!

It's a finished project.

And yes, it's another Noro striped scarf. This one, however, is half Noro and half Ella Rae wool...makes the scarf cheaper but, I think, no less pretty.

I am particularly pleased with this one because I had the forethought to work the first skein of Noro from the outside and and the second from the inside out, so that the colors are mirrored on either side. I had thought that these colors would be really good for one of my cousins, but her mom seemed to think until I decide who might like it, it's an orphan.

And I got a little yarn today. I was cruising around Etsy (always a dangerous thing) and stumbled upon Gypsyknits. I really like her colors and I ended up with these:

From left to right - Melted Crayons, Farmer's Market and Appalachia. The colors are soft and muted but really rich and lovely. Very autumnal.

And I've started a project that is scaring me a little...let's just say it involves ripping and reknitting...I'm taking lots of pictures, so if all goes well, I'll be documenting it.

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