Saturday, October 17, 2009

Just Call Me Wordless McNotype

I have been particularly unwordy these days. Work is continuing to be extremely busy and when I come home I just collapse. Add to that that I think I'm fighting a cold and that I'm not sleeping well and...voila! No blogging.

Mr. Pointy Sicks and I had a dinner worth blogging about though this past Wednesday. We had been given, for last Christmas, a gift certificate to the Milton Inn. And we finally got around to treating ourselves. And....yum.

First of all, the place is lovely. It is...not elegant exactly, but tastefully fancy. (Elegant to me implies less warmth...this place felt very welcoming.) Comfortable in an old Baltimore kind of way. It reminded me of Marconi's, a restaurant that used to be in downtown Baltimore and had the same kind of comfortable class...though it was perhaps a little bit shabbier.

We were seated in a front room. There was a fire in the fireplace and we were seated right up again the side of the mantelpiece...we couldn't see the fire, but we could see the firelight dancing on the walls and glasses and silverware. For appetizers, Mr. P.S. had a baby spinach salad (which tempted me except that I was getting spinach with my entree) and I had a marinated and grilled portabella mushroom cap filled with crabmeat and bruschetta. Very tasty though a little on the salty side for me. (I don't cook with any salt, generally, so restaurant food often seems a little too salty.) For entrees, I had the chicken breast on parmesan grits, baby spinach and tomato wedges with pesto. Oh man, those grits! Creamy and flavorful and so good...I could have rubbed them in my hair. Though that would have been a waste of grits. Mr. P.S. had - get this - a filet mignon, topped with a crabcake and covered in bearnaise sauce with mashed potatoes and steamed veggies. It looked gorgeous and he said it was pretty damn good.

For dessert, we shared a selection of sorbets - lemon, raspberry and mango - and a slice of the best flourless chocolate cake I've ever had. Rich and creamy and decadent. Decorated with an amazing chocolate truffle. I told the waiter, when he came to clear the table, that I thought the cake should be illegal, it was that good.

So it was a lovely dinner and we had a nice time there. I can definitely see saving up some money and going back there again.

Heh. I like this bit from the Milton's Inn chef:

And, being from Baltimore County, he knows that Baltimoreans love their crab. "Put crab on anything and they'll order it. And they love their red meat. They don't want their food to be too fancy and theywant a big portion." Boston says. "Don't give them the small food. They want to be fed."

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