Friday, February 20, 2015

Love Letter To My Knitting

Dear Cowl...Sweet Cowl...Wonderful 3-Color Cashmere Cowl,

We knew that eventually this would have to end.  We’ve been together for a almost month and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it.  The tidy ribbing, the neat rows of eyelets, the skinny stripes (with the surprise pop of color), the subtly enticing all-over pattern of tiny purl bumps, the lace (oh, the lace!)…and now here we are on the last set of jaunty stripes.  Fourteen more rows and then the last little tryst for the final ribbing…and then there are only the last bits of the affair...the washing (you out of my hair), the blocking (all calls and messages) and the weaving in of loose ends (throwing out the detritus you’ve left around the house).

But if I know you, you’ll be hanging round my neck…and I’ll be loving you all over again.  You’ll keep me warm, and make me feel cute.  

Just…a word of warning.  Don’t go green with jealousy should I decide to make a second one.  (I like you too much in browns and madder.)  But you know, one in white, cobalt, and sunny, sunny yellow would also be fun…and yes, I may have already bought the yarn.  And yes, someday I will be buying cashmere for a third one…and maybe that cashmere one will end up being my favorite…but you’ll always be my first.  


Your Loving Knitter

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