Friday, July 13, 2012

Well, Knock Me Down And Call Me Nancy!!

I guess I can no longer say that I never win anything!  A couple of months ago I entered a contest that Knitting Fever held where, if you wrote a blog post about Noro yarns, you had a chance to win the new Noro magazine.  Well, I love Noro, so that was a labor of love.  Noro has to be in my top, make that top 3 favorite yarn brands.  Make that top 2.  Noro and Madelinetosh...yum.

Anyway, I figured my chances of winning were pretty darn small so when I saw the new Noro magazine in Wegman's I went ahead and picked it up.  Nice patterns in this magazine, by the way.

And then, a few weeks ago, I got an email from a nice lady at Knitting Fever asking for my address, because I had won!  Well, my pleasure at winning was, I will admit, somewhat lessened by the fact that I already had the magazine, but still...I was happy and figured that perhaps I could give the magazine to someone.

Today I came home to find a box on my front porch from Knitting Fever...and it wasn't just the magazine!

Ten...count them, ten!!!...skeins of Silk Garden Lite.  In an absolutely gorgeous colorway (2073).  Time to start looking at patterns.